Taylor Horne is an American visual artist who combines photography, set design, and fabrication. He began with a formal education in black and white film photography, but growing up building things led him to expand his career into art direction and set design. His fascination with creating environments led him to work under set designer Mary Howard and production designer Richard Hoover.

Whether he is designing, acting or performing, Taylor is constantly searching for inspiration. He lists John Waters, Guillermo del Toro, Dario Argento, and early Tim Burton as his biggest sources of visual inspiration. His work frequently references classic literature, leveraging his extensive collection of antique books.

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Okay we admit Cerberus isn't really our hardest worker - most of the time he runs off with a piece of wood and then spends the rest of the day napping. But needless to say he is a valid part of our team. 

As for the rest of us - we are a pretty tight knit group that has fun building stuff together. It probably sounds trite but our philosophy is simple: 

Build safe. Be honest. Have fun doing it.  

Behind the scenes photos by Brooke Comegys

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