"To be honest, in my head everything is a cheesy 80s horror movie. Just absolutely dark and violent but somehow simultaneously hilarious. I try to sketch out whatever is in my head on paper and tape it up on the wall and then stare at it long enough for it to become slightly less frightening to the general public. "

Taylor Horne is an American visual artist who combines Photography, Set Design and Fabrication. He began with a formal education in black and white film photography, but growing up building things led him to expand his career into Art Direction and Set Design. His fascination with creating environments led him to work under Set Designers like Mary Howard, and Production Designer Richard Hoover.

With a passion and curiosity for all things esoteric and dark. Taylor lists Edgar Allan Poe, The Brothers Grimm, Edward Gorey, and 80s Punk Rock Music icons as some of his creative influences.

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